location 2866 Marion Ave, Bronx 10458

location 2866 Marion Ave, Bronx 10458

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When it comes to commercial locksmith Bronx companies, nothing comes close to the quality of service provided by Fordham Locksmith. We pride ourselves in having the best team of professionals who are all capable of extending assistance to our clients with regard to their security concerns.

We offer a wide range of services in various areas of expertise such as auto, residential, and commercial. The fact that we are able to offer this amount of service to our clients speaks highly of the skillset of our staff.

Our company consists of licensed, bonded, and well-trained technicians who can offer the best solutions to your needs. It does not matter if you are only looking for a locksmith to fashion out a replacement key for you or if you need help in reprogramming your car keys or accessing your safe after forgetting the code. The staff at Fordham Locksmith can do all these and more.

But what also makes our company a tier above the rest is our commitment to clients. We demonstrate this commitment through our quick response time. Fordham Locksmith has a reputation of being able to deploy our personnel to a location specified by the customer within 15 minutes after the initial call.

This is a huge deal for any company, especially ones that are located in the Bronx. And to maintain this good reputation, we also make sure that the quality of our service is not compromised by our team’s agility.

We see to it that our technicians arrive at your address with the right tools and equipment, all ready to perform the task.

See for yourself how well we conduct our business by calling our hotline for a service request. We’d be happy to arrange a schedule for you with one of our professional technicians. You can also ask for a free cost estimate in case you only want to know about our rates.

Professional & Affordable

Fordham Locksmith is composed of a team of professionals who have undergone stringent training and certification processes to earn their license. Every member of our staff is skilled in handling various locksmith jobs whether it is in their area of expertise or not.

Like any other commercial locksmith Bronx company, we want our clients to get the best quality of service. And we do this by making sure that our technicians remain professional at all times. This includes the time they are on standby up to the time that they are deployed to a client’s address.

We maintain a certain level of professionalism by making sure that we are only giving sound advice to our clients and applying the best practices in the industry when completing a job.

We also prioritize the safety, security, and satisfaction of our customers by conducting ourselves in an orderly manner, especially once we arrive at the location.

But just because we are a team of professionals doesn’t mean we will charge you with extortionate amounts of money for every service that we offer.

At Fordham Locksmith, we try to keep our rates as affordable as possible. This allows us to reach more clients within our serviceable areas, especially in a city where the cost of living is unreasonably high.

If you are looking to get a locksmith service done by one of our professionals, feel free to contact us through our hotline so we can schedule one for you. We can also provide an estimate of the costs before finalizing the request so you can gauge if it meets your budget.

Commercial Locksmith
Commercial Locksmith
Commercial Security

Our locksmiths have years of industry experience

At Fordham Locksmith, we are able to offer a wide range of services because our team members are backed by years of industry experience.

While we make them undergo professional training prior to hiring, we also give our staff the opportunity to grow in the profession by exposing them to the field. We believe that the best way to gain mastery of various locksmithing services is by allowing our people to assist actual clients. This way, they are able to develop critical thinking skills and adapt to whatever situation they are thrown into.

Our company has been in business for a significant amount of time, which is also why it is important for us to have people with extensive experience in locksmithing. Some of our team members have grown with the company while others are steadily gaining experience under our supervision.

But at the same time, we don’t limit ourselves in the old techniques that we have learned over the years. We are constantly improving and working on our skills so we can apply newer techniques on the job.

24-hour Emergency

We at Fordham Locksmith know full well the importance of having a commercial establishment that is in tiptop condition. This includes regular maintenance and updates in the security system, re-keying of locks, and key duplication services.

Commercial Locksmith

This is why we offer 24-hour emergency service to all our clients. Your requests do not even have to be complex. It could be as simple as extracting a broken key in the cylinder or helping you reset the codes for your security system.

As long as you see the need for a professional locksmith, do not hesitate to contact us through our hotline. We always have a team of technicians willing to assist you at any time of the day and any day of the week.

You also do not have to worry about calling us on a weekend or a holiday because our business hours continue 24/7.

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address 2866 Marion Ave, Bronx 10458